About us

The brand Zvolenský is a traditional yogurt brand, which has been a part of the milk menu for hundreds of thousands Slovak consumers for decades. Although it is known mainly for its creamy yogurt range, we can also find an innovative ranges in its portfolio such as Greek style yoghurts.

Dairy production history in the region of Zvolen

  • The region has been known for milk processing since the 19th century.
  • 1947 – the construction of the first dairy factory in Zvolen.
  • 1948 – due to political changes in Czechoslovakia, the factory became a part of Banskobystrické mliekarne (Banská Bystrica Dairy) and later Stredoslovenské mliekarne, n.p. (Central Slovakia Dairy, State Enterprise).
  • Since 1987, the dairy products were produced under the supervision of Stredoslovenské mliekarne, š.p. (a state enterprise uniting multiple dairy factories in the region).
  • After the Gentle Revolution in 1989, the state enterprise ceased to exist.
  • 1996 – Zvolenská mliekareň (Zvolen Dairy) is acquired by Mrs. Wittmann—the lineal descendant of the founders and first owners of the original factory in Zvolen—and the company I. Wittmann & Son is created.
  • 2001 – the factory is acquired by the French company Bongrain SA.
    Since 1 September 2005, the enterprise belonged to the French dairy company Senoble, a family business dating back to 1921.
  • Since April 2015, the factory has been owned by one of the biggest dairy companies in the world Schreiber Foods as Schreiber Slovakia s.r.o.
  • The plant becomes again a purely Slovak company and changes its name to Zvolenská mliekareň s.r.o. since January 2018.